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Mycoprotein – revolutionizing the landscape of meat alternatives

If you’re staying up to date with the latest developments in the alternative protein landscape, the chances are you’re already familiar with all the excitement around mycoprotein. If you’re not that much of an alt-protein nerd, just keep on reading to learn why fungal protein is considered to be a true gamechanger in the field of next generation meat analogues

  • Nutritious, low-processed, complete source of protein, short list of ingredients – these are some of the keywords characterizing the meaty products made of mycoprotein. So myco-food is a really healthy choice. That’s because the meaty texture can be achieved without strong processing or using loads of additives, as mycelium is naturally really fibrous.

  • Which brings us to the next advantage of fungal protein: using mycoprotein allows food technologists to mimic whole-cuts and filets; which, by the way, have been considered as the “holy grail” of meat analogues, since with current technologies this has been unattainable.

  • Surely mycoprotein has won over some extra fans due to its versatility, as it can take many shapes and forms. Fish, turkey, chicken, pork – you name it, most probably fungal protein can do its magic and mimic this type of animal protein.

If this makes you as enthusiastic about mycoprotein as we are, then stay tuned – we’ll make sure that Meet Future mycoprotein-based super tasty fish and chicken are available soon!

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